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A deficiency in Vitamin 12 is actually a more serious problem than what would normally think, which is where a b12 supplement comes in. In fact, it is also one of the most common problems that many people all over the world experience. Because of the fact that it can take around five to six years for any of the symptoms to be noticeable, most people don’t realize that they actually have a b12 deficiency. A simple blood test can confirm this but not everyone is quite keen on getting the test performed. After all, people do have a tendency of not doing anything at all until they can see or feel any real reason to do so. Luckily for us, one could always take a vitamin b12 supplement to help us combat this deficiency.

Drinking Vitamin B12 Supplement

But what happens if we don’t? Well, a person suffering from vitamin b12 deficiency would actually poor digestion. Now, poor digestion is linked to various gastrointestinal problems including irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Both of which are capable of limiting the amount of vitamin b12 that our body can absorb. So despite the fact that all you ever eat are salmon and red meat, it is useless if you have an intestinal disorder. This is where a vitamin b12 supplement would come in handy. If you cannot absorb the vitamins from your food then a supplement would certainly help your body proper levels of it.

Other problems associated with vitamin b12 deficiency include numbness or tingling in your extremities, lethargy, anemia, loss of appetite, constipation and weight loss. However, that is not all there is to it. One of the more unusual symptoms include soreness of the tongue, mood issues, balance issues, memory issues, confusion and dementia which could be easily mistaken for as symptoms of other things. In order for you to be able to confirm if the symptoms that you’re having are related to vitamin b12 deficiency, it would be wise to approach your physician and get yourself tested properly. They would then be able to tell if you are in need of a vitamin b12 supplement or not.

B12 Supplement For Older People

Vitamin b12 supplement in take is highly recommended for elderly folks because they typically have a lower level of vitamin b 12. In fact, around 30% of older adults would experience atrophic gastritis, which is a condition wherein the person’s stomach is inflamed and the amounts of gastric juices that the body secretes are reduced. This condition can greatly hamper the body’s ability to absorb and use vitamin b12. However, in such cases, the body can easily absorb synthetic b12 which is what’s found in many supplements.

It is no secret that as people get older, the amount of medications or supplements that one must take increases. However, there are certain things that can be prevented early on. With some changes to one’s lifestyle, such as opting for a healthier diet, would certainly do the body of plenty of good. Taking a vitamin b12 supplement would not only improve your bodily functions, it would also relieve various other ailments thus providing you with a better quality of life. After all, you wouldn’t want any form of illness prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

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The Importance Of Vitamin B12 Supplements

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The b12 vitamin is among the b vitamins which are important to maintain a wholesome body, so make sure you take b12 supplements. Otherwise known as Cobalamin, the b12 vitamin is needed for the processes to convert the carbohydrates, fats and proteins from food into energy. B12 also, more importantly, helps keep the red blood cells wholesome and as a result prevent heart disease as well as keeping the immune system working at its maximum level. In addition, b12 is used to create the protective covering of all nerve cells in the body.

B12 Supplements Keep You Healthy

The most important function of b12 would be to form healthy red blood cells. Nevertheless, all cells require b12 to keep them healthy. This is why taking b12 supplements are so important. It is the white blood cells, amongst others, that need b12 to help ensure that the immune system is working properly. All of the nerve cells in your body also need b12 to form their protective fatty layer. This is important for all of the nerves but is especially so for those within the brain. If there’s not sufficient b12 to produce this protective layer then the brain will not be functioning properly.

Interestingly, the amount of b12 that the body requires is relatively small but is required on a frequent basis. Nevertheless, b12 on its own is not enough as your body can’t absorb it very easily. To assist the body absorb b12 the stomach produces intrinsic factor which enables more of the b12 to be absorbed. B12 is only found in animal foods such as liver, eggs, fish and meat but most people consume far more than their suggested daily amount of b12. This is not a issue as your body can only absorb about half of the b12 that is eaten. It is also worth noting how the entire body can recycle the b12 which cuts down on the impact of a b12 deficiency. However, strict vegetarians or vegans are likely to require b12 supplements if they do not consume any animal products that contain b12.

Why Take B12 Supplements?

If the body doesn’t have enough b12 then anaemia will be the most obvious symptom. Obviously, that is due to the fact that there is not sufficient b12 to create healthy red blood cells. Anaemia can also be triggered by the body not producing enough intrinsic factor to assist in absorbing the b12 that’s accessible in the food consumed. Your body tends to makes less intrinsic factor once a person reaches 50 and this will lead to less b12 being absorbed and supplements of b12 might be required. Kids are also at risk from anaemia simply because they may not consume the food that include b12. Pregnant women require a lot more b12 simply because the baby is absorbing b12 during the pregnancy to grow effectively.

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